Invested $13,750 in her business
Invited 2 women into JUST


1803 Rutland Dr.
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 822-3442
(512) 494-4509
Facebook: Los arcos taqueria


Guadalupe Luna

Mexican food our specialty

Joined in 2019

About Guadalupe Luna

My name is Guadalupe Luna I am married with 4 children!!!!   I started my food business by selling food at construction sites in a van. My dream was to have a stable business. We worked very hard to be able to have our own truck and even though it wasn’t easy, with effort and dedication, we accomplished our goal.  By belonging to JUST we feel more relaxed and have been able to make repairs to my establishment.  Repairs such as putting a roof on the tables and growing the stock of our product. Every loan I receive is support for my next goal.

About Guadalupe Luna‘s Business

Our service is the best!!! The most popular meal that our customers like are: the Gorditas / tortas mini tacos / The famous Cuban Torta / The Mexican Burger.  We also have smoked brisket and will provide orders for all types of events. Whether you want it dropped off or full service.

Our food is 100% Mexican! We sell meats by the pound as well as sauces / tortillas / cilantro, onions and lime. We used to only sell tamales in December but we had so many requests from our customers that we decided to offer them every day of the year. Orders should be placed two days in advance because we want to serve the best and freshest. These are the different types of tamales that we have Pork in red Chicken in green Rajas with cheese Cheese and beans Cheese with chile guajillo.