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Help Move Families from Financial Health to Wealth

JUST partners with nonprofits, funders, and banks to build new pathways to prosperity for our states most under-resourced entrepreneurs. See if partnership is right for your organization.

JUST Website Images (67)
JUST Website Images (67)
JUST Website Images (82)
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12,200 +

visionary female entrepreneurs have received loans.

$ 22 million

invested in dreams.

99 %

repayment rate achieved.

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63 %

of JUST women have a savings fund.

A Transformative Partnership

A partnership between JUST and banks create a complimentary relationship that benefits hard-to-reach and unbanked communities.

JUST partners invest in...

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Financial Health

Our Financial Health Program is a credit-building savings tool and payday lending alternative offered alongside virtual coaching, goal setting and peer support.

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Small Business Support

Our core business lending program provides access to capital, peer coaching and supportive community for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and social networks.

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Asset Ownership

Our asset ownership program provides supportive resources, and coaching for clients on their journey to wealth building through productive assets starting with a home.

Problems Too Big to Solve Alone

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are challenges that are too substantial to overcome on one's own. High levels of distrust, financial difficulties, complexities in relationships, and the need for scaling pose tasks that confront entrepreneurs, banks, and nonprofit organizations. In this section, we focus on unraveling these challenges and the paths to overcoming them through collaborative efforts and partnerships. Our goal is to address these complex issues, leading to the creation of a just and mutually supportive society.

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How We Partner

JUST is expanding across Texas to invest in ambitious female entrepreneurs excluded from opportunity. We partner to reach more people, accelerate business growth, and build financial stability on a path to wealth.

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"Working with JUST has been amazing! Being able to invest in my business and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs has helped me grow my business and achieve my goals."

Shandricka Davis, owner of Jazzy Chica and SiiS boutiques

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"Today I'm a fully booked stylist. I have my own make up line and I am an educator for aspiring beauty practitioners."

Vicky Kelley, Owner Vicky Lynn Cosmetics


See Our Impact

Ready to take the next step and join our community? Or perhaps you'd like to attend one of our upcoming events to witness the magic of JUST for yourself. It's a world of opportunities, and we're here to help you make the most of it.

JUST Website Images (82)

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Connect with JUST for info, share ideas, or explore partnerships.
Our team is here to help.

JUST Website Images (67)

Contact Us

Connect with JUST for info, share ideas, or explore partnerships.
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