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How To Start A Cleaning Business In Texas

How To Start A Cleaning Business
This article is written by JUST, a non-profit that supports female entrepreneurs in Texas. 

So you want to start a cleaning business in Texas? The cleaning industry is very diverse and is always on demand. You can have a flexible schedule and a stable client base depending on your location and area of focus. If you are a person who is serious about tidiness, this could be a neat business opportunity for you.

Below are some of the steps you need to take in order to get started.

Choose a cleaning niche

When your target is everyone, in reality, this means no one.

Determine the specific cleaning services you want/can offer. Do you want to specialize in residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, hospital cleaning, carpet cleaning? There is a growing demand for non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning companies. Some businesses also set themselves apart by offering add-ons such as disinfecting, organizing, pressure washing or ironing. 


Research the market

Conduct market research to understand your potential client base. Identify competitors in your area. How much are they charging? Are there any gaps in their services? How can you do it better or differently? You could also do a few interviews with potential clients to know what they need and want from their cleaning providers. 

Market research will help you set a name for your business, a rate and develop a strategy to gain your first clients.


Legal structure and licenses

Starting a cleaning business in Texas has its own set of legal considerations. 

When choosing a legal structure consider one that protects you from personal liability, such as a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Your business will operate in other people's spaces and it involves physical activity and personal property. You do not want to be held responsible if someone gets injured or something gets damaged. For this same reason, consider getting insurance with general liability coverage. If you go the commercial cleaning route, most big companies require cleaning providers to be insured before hiring them. 

The State of Texas does not have any general business license or permit requirement. However, the State recommends that you check with your city and county officials to learn about local permit requirements. 


Buy equipment

Cleaning equipment can get pricey. 

Usually, you can get a better bang for your buck if you buy some of the products you need from cleaning suppliers. If there is not a cleaning supplier near you, opt for buying bulk at department stores such as Costco or Sam’s. Amazon also has great deals if you prefer to order online.

Also, plan on buying a little extra in order to have a decent stock of your most important cleaning supplies. This will save you during busy seasons or supply chain shortages (flashback to the pandemic). When buying specialized equipment, remember that quality matters. For example, if you buy a more expensive vacuum that will allow you to clean better and faster than the cheaper option, ultimately, the vacuum will pay for itself by allowing you to serve more clients. 

If you do not have the money to buy high quality equipment, look for used options online!


Create channels of communication

Where can your clients find you? How can they reach you? 

Usually businesses have a phone number or email used specifically for client communications. Having a Facebook page or website where your clients can learn more about your business, read reviews and see examples of your work can also help them feel more confident about choosing your services.


Work with goals to launch and grow 

Goals provide structure to your journey and they are key to achieving your business objectives. We usually advise our entrepreneurs to create weekly goals. Start by visualizing the business you want to launch. Your first goals will be the steps you need to take in order to launch. Once this happens, use your goals to focus on growth. Start small. If something does not work, use it as a lesson. Remember, consistency is key.


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