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March Newsletter: Conference Recap, Online Community Launch & Inspiration

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Women's History is Made Everyday

The Rise & Thrive Conference in Dallas made JUST history as the largest event we have ever held in that market with more than 1,100 Black and Hispanic registered entrepreneurs!

Here are key takeaways gathered from surveyed participants:

  • 💪  On a 10-point scale, "Business confidence" moved from 7 to 9.5
  • 🤗  On a 10-point scale, "Connection to support" moved from 6.1 to 9.6
  • 💻  99% of participants elected to continue the JUST experience through our new digital community platform.


 Next up: El Paso, Houston and Austin! Our entrepreneur-centered conferences, alongside our newly launched online community, are integral components of JUST's MBDA Capital Readiness Program, developed in partnership with the Department of Commerce. Read more about the award and program.

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 Building Bridges & Businesses in our New Online Community 

Following the success of our recent conference, we introduced our online community platform to facilitate statewide connections among members.

Why this matters:  Entrepreneurship often feels like a solitary journey. JUST's core model of lending through intimate peer support groups has already begun to tackle this challenge. Now, with our new online community, we're taking it a step further. Our goal isn't to guarantee individual success but to cultivate an environment where growth through connection is inevitable.

Go Deeper: The launch of our online community highlights JUST's innovative approach to supporting client autonomy and empowering them with greater control.
Read what makes JUST unique.

Dreaming Without Limits

Meet Ivonne Fortuna.  One of JUST's first clients.



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