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It Starts With Your Dream

Be inspired, learn from peers, and grow your business. Join 1,000s of Black and Brown female entrepreneurs just like you.

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How it Works: You Decide

Regardless of where you are today, JUST is part of building a journey towards your dreams.

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How it Works Step 1

Attend Our Entrepreneur Conference 

A FREE & transformative event crafted exclusively for the ambitious Black women shaping Texas' entrepreneur landscape.

How it Works Step 2

Receive JETA Training

JUST offers simple tools to help our entrepreneurs lead their businesses, personal lives, and community.

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How it Works Step 3

Lead a Group

Our entrepreneurs leverage capital and knowledge to grow. JUST leverages the JETA to serve more people. JETAs leverage JUST balance sheet to build generational wealth.

Journey To Wealth

JUST is building new, more, and better ways for JETAs to build wealth faster. We are impatient with the status quo and are doubling down on the power of community that has money.


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Working with JUST has been amazing! Being able to invest in my business and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs has helped me grow my business and achieve my goals.

Shandricka Davis, owner of Jazzy Chica and SiiS boutiques

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"Today I'm a fully booked stylist. I have my own make up line and I am an educator for aspiring beauty practitioners."

Vicky Kelley, Owner Vicky Lynn Cosmetics

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Currently, we don't have any upcoming events.

We are actively planning and exploring new opportunities, so stay tuned for exciting updates as we work diligently to curate memorable experiences for you in the near future.

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